Ed Weber & Mary Beth Mangus

Platinum Leaders


GingerSnaps is a holistic wellness team within Young Living that empowers people through essential oil, nutritional, and personal care support. Our goal is to share YL essential oils globally with loving kindness. Are you living to your fullest potential? Happy, healthy, and enjoying everyday? Essential oils are some of the most powerful tools we have found that change lives and enable us to live more fully.

We have leaders and members that have been using essential oil users for over a decade on their families, friends, children, and pets. Want to cook scrumptious recipes with oils, clean your home naturally, create homemade concoctions, learn how essential oils work, or add additional income and have more time to do the things you love? We have something for everyone.

Our group began with a gift: a box of essential oils was presented to Mary Beth Mangus for her wedding.

A believer in alternative health modalities, Mary Beth had been exposed to essential oils, but had never found them to really work. She did as many do--"Oh, thank you so much for these oils!"--and tucked the unopened box on a shelf to collect dust.

A few months later she found herself in an unpleasant mood and discomfort, and she remembered those oil and decided to open the box. What could they hurt?...Not many minutes later, she found herself uplifted and the discomfort gone. Could it be those oils?.... Surely no.

The next day she tried them again with similar results. From then on Mary Beth knew that if she had found something that worked so spectacularly, in minutes, without toxifying the body, she had to share it with everyone she knew. Her sharing has grown into this beautiful group: Snaps!


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